• Bureaucrats of India
    TCPD–IAS is a dataset on the officers of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
  • Political Parties of India
    TCPD–PPI is a dataset on all political parties that have contested national and state elections in India since 1962.
  • Chief Ministers of India
    TCPD–CMID is a dataset on the Chief Ministers for 20 Indian states along with their electoral history.
  • Governors of India
    TCPD–GID is a dataset on the Governors for all Indian states and union territories.
  • Individual Incumbency Dataset
    TCPD-IID is a dataset of candidates contesting elections with a unique politician identifier.
  • LokDhaba: Indian Elections Dataset
    TCPD-IED is a dataset of Indian election results – both Vidhan Sabha (state level) and Lok Sabha (national level) – beginning 1962.
  • Question Hour: Indian Parliament Dataset
    TCDP-IPD is a dataset of all questions & answers asked between 1999 (Winter Session) and 2019 (Winter Session) along with full text of question.
  • Indian Council of Ministers
    TCPD–ICoM is a dataset on the sociological composition of governments in India, both at the Union and at the State level.

Publications: Please notify us about any publications that result from the use of any of our datasets (TCDP-IED, TCPD-IID, TCPD-IPD, TCPD-ICoM, TCPD-CMID, TCPD-GID, TPD-PPI) by sending your bibliographic citation and information on your publication to