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Judiciary Dataset

TCPD–IJD dataset is a list of all Judicial Appointments to the Upper Judiciary of India

The Indian Judiciary Dataset (TCPD-IJD) is a collection of information on judicial appointments to India’s 25 High Courts and Supreme Court, collectively known as the Upper Judiciary. The information is taken from the official websites of the High Courts and the Supreme Court. Their names, positions, start and end dates for their appointments, and biodata is all listed on the official websites. The majority of the judges’ dataset and its schema were created by carefully analyzing their reported biodata.

This codebook provides information about the variables included in the Indian Judiciary dataset. The codebook will be updated as and when new information is added to the dataset.

This is Version 1.0

We hope that you will find this dataset useful and request that you cite the data as indicated in the codebook, whenever you use the data in a publication or public presentation.

If a variable(s) drawn from the TCDP-IJD dataset plays an important role in your project (published or unpublished), please use all the suggested citations below: 

We thank our colleague Srishti Gupta, who provided invaluable assistance to the project.

“TCPD Judiciary (TCPD-IJD), 1950–2021”.
Trivedi Centre for Political Data, Ashoka University.

“TCPD Judiciary (TCPD-IJD), 1950-2021 Codebook 1.0”, Trivedi Centre for Political Data, Ashoka University

Ananay Agarwal, Jenish Raj Bajracharya, Maleeha Fatima, Shivam Gangwani, Ananta Kothari, Shruti Kraleti, Shreyashree Nayak, Ayaan Sagar, Chahat Saraogi.