Conference on

Empirical and Computational

Social Sciences in India


Dec 13-15, 2018

Ashoka University


India presents a microcosm of social and political phenomena which intrigue social scientists worldwide. Be it questions about the nature of democracy and how India has managed to stay together as a nation for seven decades, or changes and continuities in the various systems of stratification such as religion and caste, or the multiple non-state groups/organizations who rely on both institutional and extra-institutional means for making claims – understanding India is an intellectual challenge. One of the ways that we can address this challenge is through building a community of scholars who are committed to understanding complex social and political processes by engaging in collaborative efforts, grounding inferences in sound and ethical data collection practices, and lastly who practice an open and transparent data sharing policy. Ashoka University is uniquely placed to build such a community of scholars.

The University has recruited excellent faculty and admits highly motivated and hardworking students every year. Additionally, being located close to Delhi gives us access to government offices, public libraries, national archives amongst several other resources and most importantly good connectivity to the rest of India. The purpose of the conference is to take stock of empirical social science research on India, specifically on three broad themes – democratic institutions, social and political inequalities and collective action. We will use this conference to delineate the contours of a research agenda around these three broad themes.


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