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Governors of India

TCPD–GID is a dataset on the Governors for all Indian states and union territories.

This dataset contains information on the Governors (or equivalent administrative heads) of all the states and union territories of India, since 1947. The released dataset also provides information on acting Governors and their tenures. The data has been carefully extracted and verified from official government websites which document their names and tenure dates. Where official government sources proved insufficient, data was extracted from credible and verifiable news sources published by reputed and trustworthy media organisations.

If a variable(s) drawn from the TCDP-GID dataset plays an important role in your project (published or unpublished), please use all the suggested citations below: 

“TCPD Governors of India Dataset (TCPD-GID), 1947-current”,Trivedi Centre for Political Data, Ashoka University.

“TCPD Governors of India Dataset (TCPD-GID), 1947-current Codebook 1.0″, Trivedi Centre for Political Data, Ashoka University

Neelesh Agrawal, Prachi Arya, Alapan Chaudhuri, Mohit Kumar, Priyam Panda, and Basim U Nissa. 2021.