December 2018

The third issue of the TCPD Newsletter covers TCPD ’s initiatives of shedding some light on the Vidhan Sabha
elections results which were announced on December 11. Team members engaged in fieldwork, wrote media pieces
and organized a public discussion to share their insights. TCPD also hosted two conferences – a Conference on
Empirical and Computational Social Sciences in India (ECSSI) between December 13-15 and a Conference on
Democratic Politics in India (LIA SPINPER) on December 21.

November 2018

This is the second issue of the TCPD Newsletter. Our current issue contains experiences of three students who spent time in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan collecting information about the profile of candidates selected by political parties to contest elections. We are also excited to announce the following – a collaboration with two scholars on an on-going project on studying the determinants of political ambition amongst both women and men, an award to one of our team members for her research, a partnership with an organization to co-host public lectures of political intermediaries, two conferences that the Centre is organizing in December and lastly the addition of a new team member.

October 2018

Welcome to our first issue of the TCPD Newsletter, our monthly newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to highlight new projects, updates to existing projects, on-going research, publications, participation in conferences, opportunities to work with us and events. All of our TCPD Newsletter issues will also be available online on our website. Our current issue includes a data release and an addition to our working paper series which uses the data, the addition of two new features to Lok Dhaba, an opportunity to work with us and the addition of a web developer to our team.