• December 2021
    Highlights: The key highlight of this month is that Lok Dhaba, TCPD’s political data collation and visualisation tool was updated with new visualisations on re-running candidates, re-running turncoats, incumbents and first-time winners.
  • November 2021
    Highlights: The Centre published press articles exploring recent political developments around the repealing of India’s contentious farm laws while also touching upon topics such as the BJP’s election strategy and issues around data privacy. Panel discussions included examining the political motivations behind repealing the farm laws with former CEC SY Quraishi participating in a panel which discussed whether MLAs convicted of criminal offences should be banned for life from poltics. The centre also announced its 2021 Winter Internship which received an overwhelming response and will commence from December 2021.
  • October 2021
    Highlights: The Centre published press articles exploring recent political developments in Uttar Pradesh while also participating in a range of discussions–from examining the Lakhimpur violence in Uttar Pradesh to the communalisation of Delhi and the debunking of the myth that the Muslim population is strategically set to overtake the Hindu population in India. A key highlight is also the Centre’s panel discussion with the Centre for Policy Research on Law and Order as imagined and exercised in Uttar Pradesh from various perspectives.
  • September 2021
    Highlights: TCPD released the MLA incumbency datasets for the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. This dataset is useful to anyone looking to track the political trajectory of candidates and the demographic of the legislative assembly.
  • August 2021
    Highlights: TCPD releases a new dataset on Indian political parties. This dataset is useful to anyone interested in tracing the formation, origins and trajectories of Indian political parties. It can be used as a base to study parties’ splits and mergers.
  • July 2021
    Highlights: TCPD launched the Political Career Tracker which tracks the career trajectory of political candidates who contested all elections since 1962 across 20 states. You can access it on the website of TCPD’s data collation tool Lok Dhaba.
  • June 2021
    Highlights: Lok Dhaba and the Incumbency Profile have been updated with the Jammu & Kashmir. TCPD Announced the release of Governors’ and CM’s Dataset
  • May 2021
    Highlights: We are excited to share the news of a new partnership with the Center for the Advanced Study of India at the University of Pennsylvania (CASI, UPenn). | Lok Dhaba and the Incumbency Profile has been updated with the 2021 Vidhan Sabha election results | Incumbency Data has been updated for Karnatka, Andra Pradesh and Telangana
  • April 2021
    Highlights: TCPD announces its new logo, Incumbency profile for Kerala updated, 2021 Summer Internship decisions slated to be announced on 10 May 2021
  • March 2021
    Highlights: The centre launched its weekly analysis publication called ‘TCPD Columns’. It consists of a series of analytical and expository articles spanning areas from incumbency mapping to sociological profiles of politicians, based on data from TCPD’s pioneering political data visualisation tool Lok Dhaba.