Conference on

Empirical and Computational

Social Sciences in India


Dec 15-17, 2019

Ashoka University


India presents a microcosm of social and political phenomena which intrigue social scientists worldwide. Be it questions about the nature of democracy and how India has managed to stay together as a nation for seven decades, or changes and continuities in the various systems of stratification such as religion and caste, or the multiple non-state groups/organizations who rely on both institutional and extra-institutional means for making claims – understanding India is an intellectual challenge. One of the ways that we can address this challenge is through building a community of scholars who are committed to understanding complex social and political processes by engaging in collaborative efforts, grounding inferences in sound and ethical data collection practices, and lastly who practice an open and transparent data sharing policy. Ashoka University is uniquely placed to build such a community of scholars.


Deepak Malghan (Indian Institute of Management) Christian Davenport (University of Michigan)
Brian Min (University of Michigan) Naveen Bharathi (Harvard University)
Aaditya Dar (Indian School of Business) Gilles Verniers (Ashoka University)
Basim Nissa (Ashoka University) Mohit Kumar (Ashoka University)
Saloni Bhogale (Ashoka University) Priyamvada Trivedi (Ashoka University)
Sadam Hussain (Ashoka University) Aditi Shah (Ashoka University)
Gaurika Kumar (Ashoka University) Kesar Majethia (Ashoka University)
Emily Russell (University of Michigan) Ishika Sharan (Ashoka University)
Rasika Gopalakrishnan (Ashoka University) Huzaafa (Ashoka University)
Debayan Ghosh (Ashoka University)