India and China: Problems that Persist

Speaker: Nirupama Rao (Former Ambassador to China) As part of our weekly Friday workshops, we had an hour-long conversation with Ms. Nirupama Menon Rao, the former Indian Foreign Secretary and […]

Where does government come from?

Speaker: Jagdeep Chhokar (Association of Democratic Reforms) Professor Jagdeep Chhokar led an interactive session where he encouraged us to think about how a democracy is supposed to function right from […]

Researching Criminal Justice in India

Speaker: Anup Surendranath (NLU Delhi; Centre on the Death Penalty) This week we were joined by Anup Surendranath of NLU, Delhi, and Executive director Project 39 A. He spoke about […]

Doing Journalism in the Time of Modi

Speakers: Harish KhareMr. Harish Khare, distinguished journalist and former Media Advisor to the Prime Minister of India from 2009 - 2012 took us through an overview of the evolving face […]

Role of Civil Society in India

Speaker: Luis Miranda (Chairman, Centre for Civil Society) Luis Miranda spoke on the importance of civil society to a functioning democracy. He highlighted the role of civil society orates and […]

Political Ethnography: On the Ethnographic Approach to Politics

Speakers: Uday Chandra (Georgetown University, Qatar)Uday Chandra spoke on the ethnographic approach to studying politics, building on three case studies from his past work. He highlighted the approaches to ethnographic […]

The Causes and Consequences of Militarized Policing

Speakers: Erica De Bruin (Hamilton College)Based on her newly created dataset, Erica De Bruin (Hamilton College) shows that police forces around the globe have become more militarized—adopting the weaponry, culture, […]

Should News be Subject to TRPs?

Speakers: SY Quraishi, Vikram Chandra and Maya MirchandaniThe Centre in collaboration with Ashoka University's Department for Media Studies hosted a panel consisting of the former Election Commissioner of India, SY […]

Minority Politics in Bihar

Speakers: Julien Levesque (Centre de Sciences Humaines (CSH))Julien Levesque, from Centre de Sciences Humaines (CSH Delhi), gives a useful overview of minority politics in Bihar and proposes an insightful typology […]

“The Futility of the Anti-Defection Law.”

Speaker: Rajeev Gowda (former Rajya Sabha MP) Former Rajya Sabha MP and National spokesperson Indian National Congress Rajeev Gowda was in Conversation with Dr.S.Y Quraishi who spoke about law and […]