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Rajya Sabha Dataset

TCPD–RSD dataset is a corpus of data concerning all members of the Rajya Sabha of India

The Rajya Sabha Dataset (TCPD-RSD) is a corpus of data concerning all
members of the Rajya Sabha of India from March 1952 to 20 July 2022. The data comes from the official website of Rajya Sabha ( This official website contains information about members’ political history, positions held, sociological information, etc. We first extracted this information, and then cleaned and structured it to fit into a tabular format. Each individual member of the Rajya Sabha has been assigned a unique identification number (ID) to help track their political history. This codebook provides information about the variables included in the Rajya Sabha dataset. The codebook will be updated as and when new information is added to the dataset.

This is version 1.30. The information in this dataset has been taken from the official Rajya Sabha website as of 20 July 2022, as well as the Rajya Sabha Who’s Who. The Who’s Who is a periodic publication released by the Upper House detailing information on its constituent members. The information on the Members that were not given by the official Rajya Sabha website has been filled in using the Who’s Who. Additionally, the IDs in this dataset do not correspond to those in LokDhaba as in the previous versions. They are in development after being discovered to be inconsistent.

We hope that you will find this dataset useful and request that you cite the data as indicated in the codebook, whenever you use the data in a publication or public presentation.

If a variable(s) drawn from the TCDP-RSD dataset plays an important role in your project (published or unpublished), please use all the suggested citations below: 

We Thank our Colleagues- Dipanita Malik, Supriya Sanjay, and Priyamvada Trivedi who provided invaluable assistance to the project.

“TCPD Rajya Sabha dataset (TCPD-RSD), 1952 – 2022”.
Trivedi Centre for Political Data, Ashoka University.

“TCPD Rajya Sabha Dataset (TCPD-RSD), 1952-2022 Codebook 1.30”, Trivedi Centre for Political Data, Ashoka University

Ananay Agarwal, Neelesh Agrawal, Saloni Bhogale, Shivam Gangwani, Vedant Jumle, Shruti Kraleti, Mohit Kumar,Gilles Verniers.