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Indian Elections Dataset (1951 – 1962)

TCPD–IED Dataset is a data repository of all Indian election results between 1951 and 1962.

The Indian Election Dataset has two disjoint versions, the current version ranging from 1951 to 1962, and the other one that can be found here ranging from 1962 to the present day. These exist as separate entities due to irreconcilable differences in the underlying structure. For instance, before 1962, it was possible for one constituency to have multiple winners (2-3). As a result, it became impossible to generate a ranking for these elections by just considering the votes polled by a certain candidate. 

This codebook provides information about the variables included in the Indian Election Dataset (1951-1962). The codebook will be updated as and when new information is added to the dataset.

This is Version 1.0

We hope that you will find this dataset useful and request that you cite the data as indicated in the codebook, whenever you use the data in a publication or public presentation.

If a variable(s) drawn from the TCDP-IED dataset plays an important role in your project (published or unpublished), please use all the suggested citations below: 

“TCPD Indian Election Dataset (TCPD-IED), 1951–1962”.
Trivedi Centre for Political Data, Ashoka University.

“TCPD Indian Election Dataset (TCPD-IED), 1951-1962 Codebook 1.0”, Trivedi Centre for Political Data, Ashoka University

Navya Asopa, Shivam Gangwani, Aishwarya Sunaad, Gilles Verniers. 2023. “TCPD Indian Elections dataset (TCPD-IED), 1951-1962 Codebook 1.0″, Trivedi Centre for Political Data, Ashoka University.