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LokDhaba: Acquiring, Visualizing and Disseminating Data on Indian Elections
ACM Compass 2020
Mohit Kumar, Chinmay Narayan, Sudheendra Hangal, and Priyamvada Trivedi. 2020. LokDhaba : Acquiring, Visualizing and Disseminating Data on Indian Elections. In ACM SIGCAS Conference on Computing and Sustainable Societies (COMPASS) (COMPASS ’20), June 15–17, 2020, Ecuador.
Contemporary South Asia, 29 May, 2020
Yamini Aiyar & Neelanjan Sircar

The politics of vishwas: political mobilization in the 2019 national election
Contemporary South Asia, 26 May, 2020
Neelanjan Sircar

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Legitimate voter, not a ‘parasite’
The Tribune, 10 May, 2020
SY Quraishi (Former Chief Election Commissioner of India)

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You’re most welcome to join this webinar if you are interested in the impact of reservations on Dalits, and the impact of privatizations on reservations !

New paper with @NeelanjanSircar on the puzzle of the BJPs dominance in national elections and lacklustre performance in states as part of the superb edition on the 2019 elections edited by @jaffrelotc and @gilkumar

This very sophisticated analysis of the contrast between state politics & the national scene by Yamini Aiyar & Neelanjan Sircar is part of the special issue of CSA that@gilkumar & I have edited on the 2019 elections. Aftervall, BJP has not won any state election since 2017. Why?

Here is an excerpt of my article developing the concept of the "politics of vishwas" to understand the 2019 election.

The full version (gated) can be found here at via

If you are interested in my presentation on « Dalits, reservations and privatization », at 3 pm IST today, here is the link: Https://

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