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Analysis of Parliamentary Question Hour Data, Mass Media Data, and Social Media Data to Study the Discourse on Policies
ACM Compass 2019.
Anirban Sen (IIT Delhi), Debanjan Ghatak (IIT Delhi), Kapil Kumar (IIT Delhi), Deepak Bansal (IIT Delhi), Gurjeet Khanuja (IIT Delhi), Kumari Rekha (IIT Delhi), Mehak Gupta (IIT Delhi), Saloni Bhogale (Ashoka University), Priyamvada Trivedi (Ashoka University), and Aaditeshwar Seth (IIT Delhi)

The Struggle of RTI Activists in Gujarat
Economic and Political Weekly Vol. 53, Issue No. 33, 18 Aug, 2018
By Christophe Jaffrelot, Basim-U-Nissa

The Transformation of Backward Class Politics in Uttar Pradesh
Economic and Political Weekly Vol. 53, Issue No. 33, 18 Aug, 2018
By Gilles Verniers (2018)

Conservative in Practice: The Transformation of the Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh
Studies in Indian Politics, vol. 6(1), pp.1-16.
By Gilles Verniers (2018)

Studying Indian Politics with Large-scale Data: Indian Election Data 1961–Today
Studies in Indian Politics, Vol 5, Issue 2, pp. 269 – 275
By Francesca R. Jensenius, Gilles Verniers

OBC politics in Post-Mandal Era
Pratiman: Samay, Samaj, Sanskriti, Vol. 3, (January-June 2014), pp. 133-146
By Jyoti Mishra, Ashish Ranjan

Re-nationalization of India’s Political Party System or Continued Prevalence of Regionalism and Ethnicity?
Asian Survey, Vol. 51, No.6 (November/December 2011), pp. 1090-1112
By Christophe Jaffrelot, Gilles Verniers

Do Muslim voters prefer Muslim candidates? Co-religiosity and voting behaviour in India
Electoral Studies, Vol. 38, (June 2015), Pages 10-18
By Oliver Heath, Sanjay Kumar, Gilles Verniers

Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLVII, No. 32 ( August 11, 2012)
By Christophe Jaffrelot, Gilles Verniers

Jaffrelot, C. and Verniers, G. (2015).
The Resistance of Regionalism: BJP’s Limitations and the Resilience of State Parties, in India’s 2014 Elections.
A Modi-led Sweep, by Wallace, P. (ed.), New Delhi, Sage Publications, p. 28-45