CPR-TCPD Dialogues

The CPR-TCPD Dialogues on Indian Politics is a monthly event that brings together academicians, policy and political practitioners, and civil society actors to grapple with important social and political issues in India. It provides a forum for intellectually rigorous, non-partisan commentary to strengthen public discourse on politics in India. In these polarized times, debates on politics in India have tended to be increasingly noisy, blurring the lines between critical engagement and partisan endorsement. This dialogue series is an effort to carve out a space for critical, nuanced engagement to understand the changing dynamics of Indian political parties, the impact of new and emerging social movements and the use of new instruments of mobilization in our polity.

The CPR-TCPD Dialogues is curated by the Centre for Policy Research (CPR) and the Trivedi Centre for Political Data (TCPD) at Ashoka University. Founded in 1973, CPR is one of India’s leading think tanks, providing rigorous policy research on a variety of issues. Founded in 2015, TCPD is among India’s most well-respected institutions working with political data, providing data-driven research, policy work and journalism on India’s political life by producing and disseminating in open access scientifically collected and treated political data. The CPR-TCPD Dialogues leverages the unique strengths of these two institutions to provide rigorous and innovative commentary on India’s social and political challenges.

Date Presenter Title
12/2/2020 Rahul Verma, Neelanjan Sircar and Gilles Verniers Roundtable on ‘Analysing the Delhi Elections’
24/12/2019 Rahul Verma, Neelanjan Sircar, Gilles Verniers and Yamini Aiyar Discussion on ‘Analysing the 2019 Jharkhand Assembly Election Results’
13/12/2019 Brian Min, Neelanjan Sircar, Ashwini K. Swain and Gilles Verniers Discussion on ‘Blackout: The Political Dynamics of Power Outages’ by Brian Min
4/12/2019 Indrajit Roy and Gilles Verniers Discussion on ‘Politics of the Poor: Negotiating Democracy in Contemporary India’ by Indrajit Roy
15/11/2019 Louise Tillin and Yamini Aiyar Book Discussion on ‘Indian Federalism’ by Louise Tillin
25/10/2019 Rahul Verma, Supriya Sharma, Neelanjan Sircar, Gilles Verniers and Sheela Bhatt Analysing the 2019 Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly Election Results
13/08/2019 Philippe Van Parijs, Rathin Roy and Yamini Aiyar Author Lecture & Panel Discussion: ‘Basic Income: A Radical Proposal for a Free Society and a Sane Economy’
10/7/2019 Jennifer Bussell and Gilles Verniers Discussion on the book ‘Clients & Constituents’ by Jennifer Bussell
4/4/2019 Mukulika Banerjee, Gilles Verniers, Lipika Kamra, Rahul Verma, Barkha Dutt, Madhu Purnima Kishwar Women Candidates and Voters: Will they shape the 2019 election result?
12/12/2018 Neelanjan Sircar, Gilles Verniers, Yamini Aiyar Making Sense of the December 11 Results
28/9/2018 Mekhala Krishnamurthy, Harish Damodaran, V M Singh The Long March to 2019: Understanding the rise of farmers movements and its impact on the 2019 election
9/9/2018 Michael Walton, James Crabtree Crony populism
6/7/2018 Ashutosh Varshney, Pradeep Chhibber, Vandita Mishra, Aditi Phadnis Interpreting the 2019 elections: Settling a research agenda
20/6/2018 Milan Vaishnav Countdown to 2019: A Conversation on Politics, Elections, and Money
25/5/2018 Neelanjan Sircar, Sreenivasan Jain, Manisha Priyam, Sugata Srinivasaraju Unpacking the results of the Karnataka Elections