July 2019

The 3rd Annual TCPD Summer School was held between June 30, 2019 and July 6, 2019. We had about 50 participants with the majority coming from outside Ashoka. We would like to thank all our instructors – Basim Nissa (Ashoka), Gilles Verniers (Ashoka), Mohit Kumar (Ashoka), Neelanjan Sircar (Ashoka), Naveen Bharati (joining Harvard as a post-doc), Priyamvada Trivedi (Ashoka), Saket Anand (IIIT Delhi), Saloni Bhogale (Ashoka), Venkatesh Rajamanickam (IIT Bombay) and Yusuf Sait (Ashoka) – for making the 2019 summer school a rich and memorable experience. We would also like to thank Dr. S. Y. Quraishi (Distinguished Fellow at TCPD) for his talk on the work of the Election Commission of India and engaging with the participants.

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