December 2019

The Second Annual Conference on Empirical and Computational Social Sciences in India was held between December 15-17, 2019 at Ashoka University. Participants included Aditi Shah (Ashoka University), Basim U Nissa (Ashoka University), Brian Min (University of Michigan), Debayan Ghosh (Ashoka University), Deepak Malghan (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore), Emily Russell (University of Michigan), Gaurika Kumar (Ashoka University), Gilles Verniers (Ashoka University), Huzaafa (Ashoka University), Ishika Sharan (Ashoka University), Kesar Majethia (Ashoka University), Naveen Bharathi (Harvard University), Rasika Gopalakrishnan (Ashoka University), and Sadam Hussain (Ashoka University).