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Analysing the TCPD-ICoM Dataset

Keya Gupta & Saloni Bhogale

5 April 2021, 5 min read

The aim of this piece is to encourage journalists and researchers to use this data as it offers an opportunity to explore different facets of the council of ministers. For instance, it can uncover insights about the size of the cabinet (across ministry categories), allocation of positions across parties (during coalition governments) and representation of members from different states. Cabinet shuffles allocate political power at the highest level of Government in India, and the information the ministers at the helm forms an essential step to evaluating their performance. 

The data is freely available for download from the link and a detailed codebook is available  Should you have any query and/or notice an error, please send us a message or write us at


Malik, Dipanita, Saloni Bhogale and Aritro Bose. 2020. “TCPD–ICoM: Indian Council of Ministers Dataset Codebook 1.0″, Trivedi Centre for Political Data, Ashoka University