TCPD Research Workshop

We meet once a week from 12 PM – 1 PM in the TCPD conference room. The purpose is to discuss, research and suggest ideas to improve work. We follow Tilly’s rules of engagement. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, you can Contact us.

Date Presenter Title
April 3 Saloni Bhogale Papers on the Parliament: Replication, Representation & Disruptions
March 27 Ashoka Lavasa (Election Commissioner, ECI) Ensuring Free and Fair Elections
March 20 S.Y. Quraishi Observations from the 2019 Nigerian Elections
March 14 Rwitwika Bhattacharya, Shantanu Agarwal and Rajat Gupta A presentation on “Jaano India”
Feb 28 Sidharth Mishra (President, Centre for Reforms, Development & Justice) Profiling Delhi Politicians – Lok Sabha Members from the National Capital
Feb 27 Priyamvada Trivedi, Basim Nissa and Sadam Hussain Assessing Data Quality on Conflict in Kashmir using Multiple Media Sources
Feb 20 Raphael Susewind (Kings College London) Complicating the ‘Muslim Ghetto’ in Urban India
Feb 14 Anupam Anand (World Bank) Evaluating International Environment and Development Interventions
Jan 30 Maansi Verma (Maadhyam) Citizen Engagement with Parliament and in Policy Making – Innovations and Challenges
Jan 22 Archit Checker Surf++
Jan 22 Hargun Sethi Collecting and Merging Election Data with Census data
Jan 22 Prajwal Seth Findings from the Analysis of Parliamentary Bills Introduced in the Past 20 Years in India
Dec 10 Gauri Bansal (Azim Premji) Caste-based analysis of MP Assembly Election candidates from BJP and INC
Dec 5 Mohit Kumar Socio-demographic Profiling of States up for Elections in Winter 2018
Nov 28 Meghna Agarwala Determinants of crop residue burning in India (2000-2017): an examination of biophysical, socio-economic and political factors
Nov 21 Carole Spary (University of Nottingham) Performing Representation: Women Members in the Indian Parliament
Nov 14 Priyamvada Trivedi Survey of the Literature on State Repression in India
Oct 31 Praveen Chakravarty (Congress Party) Data in Indian Politics
Oct 24 Mohit Kumar Preliminary Analyses about the Social Profile of Assembly Constituencies in Gujarat using the 2011 Census Data
Oct 10 Working group – JSTOR data
Sept 26 Basim Nissa Public Safety Act and their Corresponding Electoral Significance
Sept 19 Saloni Bhogale Paper Presentation: Querying the Parliament – What can the Question Hour tell us about Indian Politicians?
Sept 12 Vijay Dev (Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi) Democracy and Electoral Reforms in India
Sept 10 Sanjay Kumar (CSDS) Emerging Trends and Patterns in Indian Elections
Sept 10 Anirban Sen & Aaditeshwar Seth (IIT Delhi) Using Web-data to Understand the Political Economy Behind Policies and State-Capital Networks in India
Sept 5 Mohit Kumar Analyses of the relationship between violence and electoral returns in Chattisgarh